what is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a disease that affects the majority of women in teenage years through menopause. In a nutshell it is endometrial cells that are growing outside the uterus where they are not supposed to. They can implant in various parts of the abdomen, the bowels, the bladder, pelvic side wall, diaphragm and even distant places if they spread through the barrier between. Patients may have a lot of pain or no pain and just have infertility or other symptoms like trouble with bowel movements with their cycle. Typically there is a cyclic component but some patients may have daily symptoms. In patients with unexplained infertility up to 50% may have endometriosis.

The disease is very treatable and the symptoms can be eliminated or significantly reduced.  At Esse we believe the post op and complementary care is essential to whole body care and feeling your best post surgery. Endometriosis excision is done using precision techniques with no ablation or fulguration of lesions. Lesions are lifted up and removed with scissors and sent to pathology to be examined under the microscope.

During surgery for endometriosis diagnosis and removal whether or not there is endometriosis; scar tissue, fibrosis, adhesions and any inflammatory tissue will be removed. The appendix will be examined and removed if diseased or inflamed. In this way the abdomen is fully examined and the anatomy is optimized. Photos and videos are taken of the entire procedure. Transparency is key.

Very few surgeons in the US that actually practice Western medicine or surgery, while truly believing in and combining the use of Eastern medicine and techniques. More of the United States population, especially younger generations (that are in most need of endometriosis and wellness care), are becoming increasingly aware of the positive results, benefits, and risk reduction of using Eastern medicine to treat ailments and complement their care.

endometriosis implants and scar tissue