Laparoscopic myomectomy/Laparoscopic assisted abdominal myomectomy

At Esse Care and Wellness Dr Goldstein was trained in advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery for fibroids as well as other pelvic diseases.

On your consultation with her she will go over the types of fibroids you have based on your imaging and may order additional imaging with MRI to determine if there is other pathology involved like adenomyosis.

Minimally invasive surgery for fibroids means you will have small incisions less than 1cm on your abdomen (typically 4 of them) which will heal with almost no scar.

Fibroids can be removed through various places but most commonly Dr Goldstein uses vaginal removal through a secret incision at the back of the vagina under the cervix.

Don’t worry patients don’t feel this one! The vagina can accommodate a whole baby being delivered through it during childbirth and can accommodate large fibroids in a bag without making a big abdominal incision.

Overall this leads to much less healing time for you, most patients can go home the same day or the next day! It is important to walk and move around to release the gas pain from the laparoscopy.