restoring the pelvis inside out through precision surgery & holistic medicine.


It's a new day in pelvic healthcare.

We offer an integrated approach, by fusing western medicine with eastern approach. Precision surgery if necessary is combined with complementary techniques to help you achieve vitality. We believe the mind body connection and the bodies innate desire to heal itself. By restoring pelvic anatomy and optimizing your overall health, balance is achieved. 


IVF Failure

Hot Flashes

Bowel Symptoms

Pelvic Pain


Hormone Imbalance

Painful Periods

A place of healing

We are a private practice that aims to provide high-quality collaborative healthcare for our patients. To achieve this goal, we have an expert minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon with osteopathic training. In combination with the best acupuncture, therapists, hypnotherapists and physical therapists we are able to integrate your care so you don’t have to.

Dr Provost Goldstein completed advanced laparoscopic and robotic endometriosis training under the world’s best surgeons. We have a close network of colleagues and consultants available to offer a truly integrated approach.

Patients Are Saying...

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Redefining Trust, Personalized Care, and Reframing Expectations

Dreading seeing a doctor is common. Lack of clarity and trust in the process. A fear of being judged. An expectation of discomfort. We recognize these frustrations. That’s why we decided to remake the entire experience, from hormones to pelvis. We combine treatments that earn trust with a team who will never judge. Our doctors personalize care, and our cross expertise in eastern and western medicine reframe expectations.

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