hormones, vitamins, and wellness

Feeling sluggish, tired, hot flashes, poor sleep, constipation, cold hands and feet, brain fog, moody, mid-section weight gain, or low libido?

You don’t deserve or have to feel this way!

Dr Goldstein has many years of experience balancing hormones for patients who do do not tolerate or wish to be on synthetic birth control or hormone replacement. 

Many patients do not tolerate traditional synthetic hormone replacement in the form of estrogen only pills or patches. They have been made to believe that menopause is terrible and they need to just “deal with it.”

We don’t agree!

Our “march into menopause” package was created to help you challenge that assumption, to feel your full vitality and energy and find balance. Whether you are with premature ovarian failure/early menopause or have been in menopause for a few years we can help you.

In endometriosis patients especially ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists) recommends against estrogen alone (unopposed) for menopausal hormone replacement. 

Endometriosis thrives on estrogen! We recommend balancing the estrogen with progesterone and potentially testosterone/DHEA as needed. This depends on the patient and family cancer risk and history of genetic mutations.

More information will be provided on your consultation. Every patient is unique; this can take many months to achieve the right balance for you but for many this is life changing!