First we realize if you are reading this you have already been through loss one or multiple times. We are sorry for the pain and stressful roller coaster you have been on with the infertility journey. 

With the whole infertility journey it helps to allow yourself the down days with a comforting team around you. The friends and support that seem to say the right things or just listen when you need it. You will need the days to grieve and the hugs or shoulder to cry on. 

Then it is important to have the resources and guidance to make a new plan. Having that 2nd/3rd/4th opinion always helps to reset the mind and plan for new options. 

We realize it is very hard to remain always optimistic and positive in this journey! And yet you want to remain positive to improve chances, and worry if you are too negative it will affect outcome. 

Dr Goldstein is passionate about talking you through the different options, carefully reviewing your records and making a new plan for the future. 

Below are some of the most common reasons for recurrent miscarriage: 

Genetic abnormality: chromosomal abnormality is the most common reason for early/first trimester loss. You may not even know you were pregnant when it occurs or just experience it as a delayed very heavy period. Early pregnancy failures are more common than most patients realize and can be recognized easier if you are tracking ovulation and minute changes. 

The body is able to detect abnormal genetics in the fetus and if not compatible then often self corrects or miscarries before you realize what happened. 

Even though this is devastating I like to encourage patients this is a sign your body knows what to do. There are even a few positives in this situation. 1. You had successful ovulation and fertilization of the egg to produce an embryo. 2. The fallopian tubes work and transported the embryo successfully into the uterus. 3. The uterine lining was good enough to implant the embryo. 4. The body has error correction and self corrected before the pregnancy progressed.

When you look at all those steps- there are positive things the body is doing to achieve them which can help to identify how to move forward. 

Some options maybe available such as: 

Immunologic testing

Endometrial biopsy with BCL-6 testing or CD138 

Identification and removal of Endometriosis (unexplained infertility in 50% or more)

We are happy to discuss all the options with you at Esse Care and Wellness and make a collaborative plan with you or your fertility team as well.