The gold standard for both diagnosis and treatment with excision of endometriosis is surgical. This means there is no perfect blood test or imaging study that can detect with 100% certainty endometriosis is present.

Surgery requires insertion of a small camera inside the belly button to look down into the abdomen and pelvis while you are asleep with general anesthesia. Don’t worry you won’t feel it!

Additional small incisions are made 2-3 (less than 1cm in width) in order to place the precision instruments. This allows Dr Goldstein and the team of specialists and assistants to insert the instruments and use them to excise lesions down to the millimeter.

Dr Goldstein completed a 3 year fellowship in advanced laparoscopy in endometriosis excision. She completed over 1000 cases and over 16,000 excisions of endometriosis during her training.

Whether robotic or advanced laparoscopic she is committed to insuring you have the best minimally invasive surgery with precision technique and deep endometriosis excision while preserving your fertility or organs desired.

She specializes in coming up with a customized approach for each patient after thorough consultation of their history and fertility and health goals. In this way there are hopefully no surprises or unintended loss of organ or function after the surgery.

Photos and videos can be provided of your pelvis and endometriosis and each specimen is removed entirely and sent to the expert pathologists to examine for endometrial glands or stroma/ inflammation/scar tissue or cancer.

The pathologic examination under the microscope usually comes back within a week and Dr Goldstein will review in depth the results with you and what it means.

Each of your symptoms is important in creating a map of where your disease could be sitting! The best thing you can do for your surgeon is write down exactly where the pain and symptoms occur and what times of the cycle these occur.

At Esse Care and Wellness we are committed to providing you with world class excision of endometriosis with a highly trained team of experts.