Dr Karli Provost Goldstein, D.O. FACOG

board certified minimally invasive gynecologist

fellowship trained in advanced laparoscopic and robotic endometriosis excision

Not in order of importance but order of occurrence. Dr Karli Provost Goldstein spent many years as a young patient trying to discover the root cause of her bowel issues and pain. She constantly sought to combine the best alternative approaches, diet and medicines to achieve this often while being pushed down by the medical community. Her osteopathic medical school training offered her a foundation in the body as a whole system and the inter-connected nature we often forget about in western medicine. In training to become an OBGYN she endured several surgeries herself for bowel issues and later discovered the root cause of her issues was endometriosis. She was diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency and told at 30 she needed donor egg or egg preservation immediately.

In the road of infertility Dr Goldstein underwent  10+ rounds of IVF, 2nd trimester loss with a surrogate journey and eventual success with two miracle daughters. She literally has been there and feels your pain! Her moto was always to grieve these days, wake up tomorrow and start anew- make a new plan. 

Her experience as a patient led to her passion to help others get through similar journeys. She embraces the miracles she has with so much love and brings her sense of nurture to all those around her. Trained in osteopathic medical school she learned the intricacies of mind body connection and the system as a whole. In her own journey and for the benefit of patients she seeks to collaborate and incorporate precision gynecologic  surgery (western medicine) with integrative wellness modalities. 

She trained under a world renowned endometriosis surgeon during residency at Lenox Hill and completed over 1200 cases with him during an advanced minimally invasive endometriosis fellowship and private practice thereafter.  She is an expert in deep excision technique for endometriosis as well as fertility exploratory surgery. She worked hard to produce and organize many patient education days for the Endometriosis Foundation of America and nursing/medical schools during her time at the foundation. 

It is her passion to join the practices together that helped her along the way. Every patient is unique and she understands the value in listening well over a cup of tea. 

Welcome to Esse!


spending time with loved ones, traveling, learning new languages and waking up in a new place. 


English, Spanish, French (conversational), Italian (limited)



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