teenage intro to gynecology

Painful periods are not normal! Dr Goldstein went through adolescence first hand with period irregularities and suffered at the verbal treatment of a dismissive Dr who insisted birth control was the only way to treat her. 

She was told false information that her retroverted uterus would never allow children and she should be on pill for life!

Imagine this at 17!

Her mission is to provide a comfortable space for teens to express their issues and learn about menstrual health. 

There are many options before birth control treatment for young patients. 

Changing the taboo starts with awareness and education. Let teens be strengthened by knowledge beyond what they are taught in high school health. 

We are here to listen and support 

Note pap smears are not recommended until after age 21

Pelvic exam can be deferred or chaperoned as desired by family. 

Transabdominal sonogram can be performed outpatient before the visit.